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COTA: no problem. I got this email 10 March: MotoGP Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas Postponed until November 13-15, 2020 All tickets purchased will be valid for the November event. While we greatly appreciate the ongoing support and patronage of the fans, we recognize that some ticket holders may need a refund. COTA will honor any such request if received by July 1, 2020. When it starting to look unlikely the COTA would not be happening, I requested refund around mid-June, and they refunded full amt within a week or so.
Throw him out of F1.. he knew what he was doing. He could have killed somebody. What a selfish turd. OMG, i hate F1, I am boycotting the next 4 races.. Welcome back folks... its racing time again
Have to say, Valtteri handled that big off well, through the gravel, chopping up the daisy field and still, he manages pole and the lap record as well during a previous run, good work.
Now we get to see why Ferrari have dropped him, and you could see and hear it in his tone during the post quali interview, his days are numbered.
Hence confirming it is the car that wins...not the driver.