Marc Marquez killed the MotoGP star!

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Sun, 08/05/2018 - 01:42
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Marc Marquez killed the MotoGP star!

Remember the song? Buggles in 1979, Video killed the Radio Star...

Let us be realistic here!

No matter how vehemently Marc Marquez says that he is not the only one, no matter how much you like or hate the guy, Marc Marquez is a winning favorite as just about every MotoGP grand-prix, rain or shine!

I nod my head, and looking at what he does, I just think all the other pilots are just there to serve as foil. This guy has nobody able to get close to his abilities.

My hat's off to him. At the same time, and independently of my own volition, each MotoGP week-end, I know who will be the potential winner. Same for the 2018 World Championship.

And for the 2019 one? guess what, if you ask me, I have a name in mind...


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