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Thu, 06/06/2019 - 15:35
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In an interview with GPone Marquez stated...The RCV213V has improved but the DUCATI is still a better bike and The Ducati is still 5 KMH faster down the back strait so now I have to get out of previous corner even faster. Not really shocking to you and I, Marquez sounds like he is just tired of having to outride the Ducatis when he knows he is a better rider. BUT to the Japanese.. this is like TREASON lol. You cant blame Marquez for being frustrated. The Ducatis have been better for years now and Honda has been playing mix and match chassis and swingarms. This leaves Marquez  to stick his neck out and ride around the RCV213V problems to win . Without Marquez Honda wouldnt have had the Championships . Alex is supposed to go to pramac Ducati next year. Marc Should go to Ducati . HE DESERVES THE BEST BIKE AND DUCATI HAS WORKED VERY HARD TO TURN  RACE PROGRAM AROUND TO MAKE THE BEST BIKE ON THE GRID . DUCATI DESERVES A MARQUES CLASS RIDER.

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