Should F1 follow Indycar and Formula E's lead?

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Wed, 12/20/2017 - 10:17
James Knock
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Should F1 follow Indycar and Formula E's lead?

To make it more exciting and encourage more overtaking Indycar is reducing the size of the wings and adding more under-car aero ahead of next season.

They also already have a push-to-pass (additional turbo boost 60HP) limited to 150-200seconds per race to give drivers more control of when they can use the additional HP, and an LED sign that lights up displaying "PP" when they are using it to get the fans and commentators more involved. 

Formula E has its 'fan boost' system where fans can vote to give the three most popular drivers as voted for by the fans an extra 100kj of energy to use during the second half of an e prix 

Should F1 introduce something similar to engage fans more and make the racing more interesting?

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