Underperforming Riders & Bikes

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Mon, 06/03/2019 - 04:56
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Underperforming Riders & Bikes

Lorenzo... Im not surprised, but he's a big name in the sport so his name tops the list. He wasnt brought in to be a development rider yet here he is demanding yet another mfg make wholesale changes to the bike. HRC does not appreciate his comments in the press. I dont think it's a stretch to think his bike is up for grabs in 2020. If so, there's a lot of dominos that could fall.

Zarco... Im a big Zarco fan. I thought it was smart to take the big paycheck. I think it's dumb how he's handled himself tho. I understand the passion of a racer, but he had to know this was what he was getting into. It doesnt help that Pol is actually competitive on the bike. So they will not change the development direction. Instead KTM will look to lighten the bike up and stay the course. Zarco isnt even getting the updates first. His contract for 2020 is likely in jeopardy as well.

Maverick... The Yamaha is a crap bike. Or so we thought until Quatro emerged as the talent that he is. Notice a common theme here? The RCV, RC16, and M1 are all thought've as heavily flawed bikes, yet each one has a rider that is showing great results and making the rest of their teammates look bad. How long is Maverick's leash? 

Iannone... Why is he on this list? Because he's getting paid quite well by Aprilia. They've offered Danilo good money before and they'll do it again if AI misteps in the press. Once again, another team in which one rider is performing and the other is not. Kinda hard to blame the bike in these cases even tho we know Marc is riding that Honda past it's flaws and the Aprilia is a work in progress.


So how could it all shake out?

Jack Miller could lose the battle for the 2020 #2 Desmosedici but maybe HRC would give him another look? Zarco would love to ditch the KTM and take Lorenzo's bike. Iannone begged for that bike before settling on the Aprilia.

What if the rumors of a Suzuki satellite team come to fruition? Avintia could be poised to have two very desirable bikes (even if they are B-spec customer bikes). Lorenzo would probably call it quits before riding for a customer team. But he's talented enough to win a championship on a satellite Suzuki. So is Zarco. 

Who would fill Zarco's spot at KTM? It's proably a perfect fit for Iannone stylewise. KTM wouldnt touch Lorenzo. They'd love to throw some money at Petrux tho.

There are a lotta rumors circulating in the Mugello paddock of some silly season shakeups. It'll be interesting how it all plays out.



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